[News] f(x) 2 consecutive weeks Inkigayo mutizen song Award ‘emotional’

[News] f(x) 2 consecutive weeks Inkigayo mutizen song Award ‘emotional’



On the 15th broadcast of SBS inkigayo Performance f(x) performed Pinocchio, the title song of their first official Studio album. 

On this day, f(x)’s unique hair style and distinctive chorography was presented.

Mutizen song was announced, f(x) gathered around Sulli and hugged each other gratefully and was speechless for a while.

MC Jo Kwon handed the microphone to Sullli, she said “Inkigayo thank you” delivering an energetic thank you speech. Then thanked the fans, all the staff, MC IU, Jokwon and Kikwang etc.

Followed by Amber’s energetic speech and Krystal’s speech. Meanwhile Inkigayo featured the appearance of turtle, B1A4, Rania, Ali, UKiss, Brian Joo, 5Dolls, Suh Young Eun, Eru, Sistar 19, HeoYoungSaeng, December, Infinite, Lim Jeong Hee, 4Minute, Rainbow, Girls Day, After School, and f (x).

Source: Nate
Translator: lovely_flower
Credit: Aff(x)tion forums

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