[NEWS] RaNia Unveils Full MV For “POP POP POP”

[NEWS] RaNia Unveils Full MV For “POP POP POP”

RaNia has finally unveiled the full music video for their new song “POP POP POP“, a few days after they released teasers for the track and their intro song “Time To Rock Da Show“.

“POP POP POP”, and upbeat dance song produced by the Brave Brothers, showcases a fierce and sexy side of RaNia that fans are very familiar with from their “Dr. Feel Good” days.

RaNia’s latest mini album (“Time To Rock Da Show”) was released on the 17th of November and the group had their comeback stage on last week’s episode of ‘Inkigayo‘ on SBS. After this, they will be heading to Japan to begin their musical activities there.

Watch the music video below and tell us what your thoughts are of their latest track!

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