2NE1 touches down in NY for a concert in Time Square

2NE1 touches down in NY for a concert in Time Square.

2NE1 is to give a performance at the MTV studio in Time Square, New York, which will be broadcast worldwide.

On December 12(NY time), 2NE1 is going to sing their hit songs at the MTV studio in New York. The performance will be broadcast around the world.

2NE1 has been selected as the winner of 2001 Best New Band In The World. The vote was carried on by MTV IGGY, one of the music networks of MTV.

Around 4,000,000 people from 168 countries voted, and final ten nominees apart from 2NE1 included Ghostpoet (U.K.), Gyptian (Jamaica), Skrillex (U.S.), Yuna (Malaysia), and many more from different countries like Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, and etc.

What is amazing about 2NE1’s winning is they got the votes from literally all over the world. The number of Korean fans who voted for the group ranked eighth. This has proved that this successful girl group got most of their votes from fans overseas.

MTV IGGY stated, “2NE1 is an unprecedented global music star. They have been inspiring people with their passion, talent, and pure, ceaseless ambition.”

2NE1, who has recently touched down in NY for the concert, posted their pictures on their me2day account. The pictures taken near the Central Park in NY have made their fans pleased.


Source: Starnews

Credits: korea.com

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