IU addresses plastic surgery rumors, reveals her childhood photos

On December 13th’s episode of ‘Win Win‘, IU was asked straight out if she ever had plastic surgery.

Cleverly, IU replied, “If I compare how I looked before my debut to now, I would think that I had surgery too.”

The MCs then rallied to her defence, saying it was probably because “You debuted at an age when you were still growing.”

Afterwards, IU revealed her childhood pictures, proving that she was a natural beauty even at a young age. “When I was young, I use to hear that I was pretty a lot,” she said. “Then at some point, I gained weight and debuted when I was the least prettiest.”

Netizens agreed with the MCs, as they said, “She grew up well“, “You can tell it’s IU straight from those pictures“, and “What plastic surgery? What did she change?

Source + Image: Naver and TVDaily

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