Will Lee Seung Gi win the Grand Prize at ‘SBS Entertainment Awards?’

Will Lee Seung Gi win the Grand Prize at ‘SBS Entertainment Awards?’

Lee Seung Gi, who received the Second Prize at the ‘SBS Entertainment Awards’ last year, is being considered for the Grand Prize this year.

The awards ceremony will be held on December 30 at 9:00 p.m. Besides Lee, Yoo Jae Seok, Kim Byung Man, and Lee Kyung Kyu are the nominees for the Grand Prize.

Kang Ho Dong won the Grand Prize last year but Lee have done a good job to fill Kang’s vacancy after he announced his temporary retirement. As a result, Lee could try for the Grand Prize this year.

Lee has been emceeing Strong Heart by himself since September. Officials for the show say that he is growing up to a next generation MC.

The production crew for the show said, “We feel like we found new possibilities of the show. Even though it is hard for a young person to emcee the show by oneself, we are glad that Lee is doing very well.”

Yoo is also a strong nominee. He helped a lot to make Running Man become a popular show. The show is currently one of the most beloved shows on Sunday and chasing KBS’s One Night and Two Days closely.

Kim and Lee Kyung Kyu are also threatening nominees.

Kim moved many people to tears by appearing on Kiss and Cry, which finished airing in August. He is also currently appearing on The Law of the Jungle and is very active struggling for life. Without him, the show couldn’t have succeeded.

Lee Kyung Kyu, veteran MC who has twenty four years of career with the show business, is currently appearing on Star Junior Show and Healing Camp.

Many people are wondering who will win the Grand Prize this year.

The ceremony will air live for three hours starting at 8:30 on December 30. Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, and Shin Bong Sun will emcee the ceremony.

Source: Starnews

Credits: korea.com

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