Glory Jane closes. Park Min Young says, “I’ll be back after hibernating”

Glory Jane closes. Park Min Young says, “I’ll be back after hibernating”

Actress Park Min Young shares her feelings as TV series Glory Jane closes.

KBS 2’s drama series Glory Jane in which Park played the positive female leading character, Yoon Jae In, aired its last episode on December 28.

Glory Jane ended as the center of all evil, Seo Jae Myung (played by Son Chang Min), dies while Kim Young Kwang (played by Chun Jung Myung) makes a comeback as a baseball player, dreaming to be successful in baseball league. Seo In Woo (played by Lee Jang Woo) enters a strategic planning office of the Great company after being assigned to be the acting owner of the Great Dragons. Finally, Yoon Jae In goes back to the hospital to achieve her dream to become a warm-hearted nurse.

On December 30, Park said through her agency, “I poured much effort on my appearance to play Jae In. I still remember the scene in which Jae In changes as she learns her real identity as a successor of a big company and stands in public in a beautiful dress.

The biggest thing I earned from this series is that I shot it in an atmosphere of a family with other elder and more experienced actors. Particularly, the grandma Jung Hye Sun, the mother Choi Myung Gil, and Mr. Son Chang Min treated me like family and it was such a great opportunity to learn from their skilled acting.

I’m happy that all the shooting went well without anyone being hurt. I felt so rewarded for the hard work with all staff including the director, scriptwriter, and other actors.

Also, I can vividly feel that things are ending because the end of the year is coming along with the series. Thank you all so much for supporting Glory Jane. As hard as I ran this year, including the role of Jae In, I’ll be back in a different look next year after recharging myself with hibernation. Wait for me to be back!”

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