Sandara Park is finally free to date someone!

Sandara Park is finally free to date someone!

2NE1’s Sandara Park is finally free from being prohibited to date.

On January 1, Sandara Park posted on Me2day, “It’s the first day of a new year! 99% of the messages that I got from my acquaintances for the New Year greetings say, ‘I wish you’ll make a decent boyfriend this year,’ and ‘I hope you date a great guy this year!’ They seem to be worried about me more than I am.

If the rule is kept, I’m free to date this year! Anyways guys, happy New Year! I’ll be fresher this year,” and added a picture.

Park is wearing a purplish shirt and drawing attention with her strawberry-milk-colored lips in the picture. Netizens who read the posting comment: “I bet you’ll become prettier if you date someone.” “Wow! You are finally free to date! Great.” “Hope you make a boyfriend soon!”

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