SNSD’s Sunny shows off a cute look at a preview of Koala Kid

SNSD’s Sunny shows off a cute look at a preview of Koala Kid.

SNSD’s Sunny showed off a cute look at a preview of Koala Kid, an animation movie.

On January 3, Sunny attended a preview of Koala Kid: Birth of a Hero, which took place in Gungook University Lotte Cinema, wearing a minidress.

Sunny was dressed in a blue, red and white minidress with a black fedora on. Her beautiful wavy blonde hair made her look more lively.

Sunny participated in the dubbing of the animation as a koala named Miranda. SHINee’s Taemin also participated in the dubbing as a koala named Johnny.

Koala Kid is a 3D animation about a lonely circus koala named Johnny becoming a hero, fighting against a gang of crocodiles with other animal friends in order to protect the great nature of Australia. It will be released on January 12.

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