NS Yoon-G releases new mini-album, ‘Neo Spirit’

NS Yoon-G releases new mini-album, ‘Neo Spirit’

Solo singer NS Yoonji is back with another release. the solo singer released her first mini album with the name of “NEO SPIRIT” earlier today. It consists of five brand new songs, and also includes the instrumental of its title track “The Reason I Became A Witch”.

Next to “The Reason I Became A Witch”, the mini album also consists of an anticipated track featuring rapper Verbal Jint, “How Could You Know”, “Talk Talk Talk”, “Shower” and “I Want to See Him Again”.

Apart from her new mini album release, NS Yoonji also took up a different spelling for her name, changing the last “Ji” to a “G”.

What do you think of NS Yoonji’s new release?

01. “What Do You Know” (feat. Verbal Jint)


02. “The Reason I Became a Witch” *Title track*

03. “Shower” (feat. Two Sidekicks)

04. “Talk Talk Talk”

05. “Want To See You Again” (feat. Sangchu)


06. “The Reason I Became a Witch” (Instrumental)

NS Yoon-G (NS윤지) – 마녀가 된 이유 [MV HD ENG SUB]


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