Skin Care Tip : How does Jo Yeo Jeong manage to look so young?

Skin Care Tip : How does Jo Yeo Jeong manage to look so young?

Jo Yeo Jeong has become the new face of Ari-ul, Korea’s popular skincare brand. Ari-ul selected Jo as its new model because she is a beautiful actor who has maintained her beauty and good health. She is known for having an incredibly youthful face for her age. In upcoming commercials for the cosmetics brand, she will show her healthy skin, which she has maintained through good eating habits and moderate exercise. When she appeared in tvN’s popular drama series I Need Romance, she played a cheerful, adorable young woman, gaining much popularity. Thanks to the popularity of the series, she was honored as the New Icon Star at the 2011 Style Icon Awards, which selects celebrities who present a new paradigm for lifestyle in a given year.

Ari-ul chose Jo as its new solo model in a bid to appeal to the brand’s customers with her refreshing, vivacious energy. Unlike other beauty brands, Ari-ul will divide its commercial series into five parts related to each of its cosmetics lines. The commercials will be shot on a set decorated like Jo’s private room, in which she is expected to reveal how she creates an amazing variety of her appealing looks.

For the anti-aging line, she presents herself as an elegant, regal woman, while for the hydrating line, she turns into a mature but vivacious woman. For the BB cream part, she plays an adorable girl whose heart is all aflutter in anticipation of dating.

It is said that Jo livened up the atmosphere of the set with bright, comfortable smiles for the staff and shortened the shooting time with her flawless posing for each of the five different concepts of the commercial. In interviews held between shooting sessions, she delivered some tips on skincare and stress relief, saying, “I like relieve stress by working out. Gaining weight is forgivable, but I cannot put up with flabby skin or a figure that is not trim. I believe that moderate exercise will give you a beautifully toned body, which will naturally lead to supple skin.”

“When I offer Ari-ul products to friends, they are always well received for their pretty design and high quality,” she added.

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