[Picture] CNBLUE in Mnet King of Plain Clothes Fashion

[Video] CNBLUE in Mnet King of Plain Clothes Fashion.

A standard plain suit..
Dandy guys..
Flower boy band CNBLUE..
Yonghwa: Hello everyone? We are Fashion King!

CNBLUE Drummer Minhyuk’s style?


Minhyuk: Like college student, I wore neat style, converse shoes, long coat and knit muffler.
[Drummer Minhyuk’s Style:  like Umchina (direct translation is “Mom’s friend’s son”, one who is good at everything, that mom always compares her child to him), decorated with mother’s love,College Student Style Minhyuk.]

CNBLUE Leader Yonghwa’s style?


Yonghwa: Is it my turn? This jacket is already splendid on itself, so I wore others simply. These days, I love to wear bracelet and watch. This bracelet is made by/at Dongdaemun (market). How is it? My style?
[Leader Yonghwa’s Style: black is the basic color, put splendid jacket as a point, finished with bling bling Dongdaemun accessory, it’s CNBLUE Leader Look]

CNBLUE Guitarist Jonghyun’s style?


ungshin: I like Knit so much. This is a gift from my fan. These shoes… are from fan too. Today, I wore two pieces of fan’s love.
[Bass Jungshin’s Style: completed by fans’ love, Jungshin’s ‘Fan Flower’ Style]
Yonghwa: Jungshin looks great with just white T-shirt and blue jean pants. (What’s this all of a sudden?) We are CNBLUE.
Jungshin: (Of course!) Thank you.



Video Credit: 27heeya @youtube
Translated: @saturnkr
Shared: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

Posted: belle @KOREA.COM

Credits: korea.com

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