Tim Releases “I Love You” Special Edition

Tim Releases “I Love You” Special Edition

In 2003, Tim debuted with the song “I Love You” of his first album “I Love You.” On 2003 he received the Newcomer Korea Music Award. Currently he is a part of Sony Music Entertainment Korea.

In an interview with TV Daily at the end of November 2011, Tim spoke about working out with Kim Jong Guk, “I got help from Kim Jong Guk, he helped me work out and my body is becoming a lot healthier. After working out together I feel a lot more comfortable around him.”



He talked about debuting, “Through a friend I knew, I auditioned in South Korea. I never imagined that I would be able to become a singer in South Korea. I was raised in the U.S. and thought it would be a difficult dream. However, I was lucky enough for my dream to actually come true.”

How do you like the special edition of the song?


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