‘Dream High 2′ releases first set of Kang Sora’s still-cuts

Anticipation for the pilot broadcast of ‘Dream High 2‘ just got kicked up a notch with the release of the drama’s first still-cuts!

Actress Kang Sora is seen busily running errands and cleaning shoes with a sign on her chest that explains she’s being punished for coming to school late.

But why is being late such a big deal? In ‘Kirin Arts High School’, the gates are zealously guarded by teacher ‘Yang Jin Man’ (J.Y. Park). He finds out that she’d been out all night at an idol group concert and punishes her by making him clean his stinky shoes and pots.

Kang Sora earned the praise of staff around her for not being afraid to scruff up her image for the sake of her role. She also showed smooth chemistry with her castmates and warmed up the film set with her lively personality.

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver

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