A Pink makes New Year’s resolutions to climb to the top as singers

A Pink makes New Year’s resolutions to climb to the top as singers

A Pink emerged as the most anticipated new stars by sweeping several prizes for the best new star at year-end awards. They gave greetings for the Lunar New Year and their New Year’s resolutions.

In colorful hanboks, Korean traditional dresses, the members expressed their sincere gratitude and love to fans, and revealed their New Year’s resolutions.

Chorong, one of the members of A Pink, made a fresh resolution by saying, “This year A Pink will gain more fame and make people happy and pleasant by producing great songs.”

A Pink’s Bomi displayed her deep interest in fans’ health: “I really want to express my deep love and gratitude to our fans for being so concerned about us. I hope you as well are always healthy and happy. Way to go, all of us!”

Eunji delivered her wish by saying, “I hope all our members are happy and keep up in good relations as we have been,” while Yugyung said, “I want to raise the recognition of A Pink among the public. It’s true that we just started being recognized by them, but I’m firmly determined to attain more fame this year.”

Namjoo said, “Personally, I wish for happiness of my family, and I want to see A Pink expanding its career as a singer group and climbing to the top position on any music chart ofKorea’s three major channels.”


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