Results from the 4th Idol Star Athletics Championship

Results from the 4th Idol Star Athletics Championship

The 4th Idol Star Athletics Championship was held as an MBC Lunar New Year special program on January 24. A whopping number of around 150 idol stars participated in this event but a few seemed to have received the spotlight such. B1A4’s Baro and Dal Shabet’s GaeunZE:A’s Dong Jun and SISTAR’s Bora showed undeniable talent.

Here are some of the highlights from this event:

Men’s 50m Race
1st Place – B1A4’s Baro
2nd Place – ZE:A’s Dong Jun

Men’s 50m Hurdle Race
1st Place – ZE:A’s Dong Jun

Women’s 50m Race
1st Place – Dal Shabet’s Gaeun
2nd Place – SISTAR’s Bora

Women’s 50m Hurdle Race
1st Place – A Pink’s Bomi
2nd Place – SISTAR’s Bora

Men’s 400m Relay
1st Place – Infinite

Women’s 400m Relay
1st Place – SISTAR

Men’s Walking Relay
1st Place – BEAST

Women’s Walking Relay
1st Place – SISTAR

Women’s High Jump
1st Place – After School’s Kahi
2nd Place – NS Yoonji
3rd Place – Girls Day’s Min Ah

Men’s High Jump
1st Place – Teen Top’s Niel

Men’s 50m Swimming
1st Place – Mighty Mouth’s Shorty
2nd Place – Dalmatian’s Daniel
3rd Place – Marco

Women’s 50m Swimming
1st Place – Rainbow’s Go Woori
2nd Place – Nine Muses Min Ah

Other idol stars such as T-ara, 4minute, miss A, Davichi, G.NA, Andy, Brown Eyed Girls, MBLAQ, Secret, U-KISS, A Pink and more participated in the games as well.

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