Wonder Girls give a successful preview for their movie

Wonder Girls give a successful preview for their movie

Girl group Wonder Girls recently gave a successful preview of their movie The Wonder Girls.

On January 24, the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said that the Wonder Girls gave a preview of their movie on January 20 in Los Angeles with Park Jin Young and Nick Cannon, the producers for the movie.

Famous American producers and over 30 popular media outlets, including Access Hollywood, attended the preview to see the movie.

Prior to the movie preview, many popular actors and singers, including, School Gyrls, Fivel, Booboo, Tiffany Espensen, Gracie Dzienny, Stephen Kramer, and Colette Carr posed on the red carpet.

When actor Wes Aderhold, who performed in the movie with the Wonder Girls, appeared, many people shouted and cheered.



A spokesperson for the agency says, “Everyone enjoyed the movie preview. They all praised Wonder Girls’ performance and English skills. Since the movie is fun and has a good story, nobody could stop laughing.”

“After the movie we played the 3-D music video for “The DJ is Mine,” which was released at the ’2012 CES.’ Then the audience started to sing along with the video.”

The Wonder Girls said, “We are so happy that so many people enjoyed the movie, which we worked hard to shoot. Thank you so much for praising us. We will do our best to pay our love back to everyone who worked hard on the movie.”

The movie The Wonder Girls is a teenage movie about the Wonder Girls who debut in the United States. The movie also features the members’ dreams, loves, and friendships.

The movie will debut on February 2 on Teen Nick channel.


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