[Pledis Entertainment] Plans To Debut 17 Membered Boygroup “Seventeen”

[Pledis Entertainment] Plans To Debut 17 Membered Boygroup “Seventeen

After debuting NU’EST and soon debuting Hello Venus this year, Pledis Entertainment is planning to debut a new boygroup that will be temporarily called as “Seventeen”. The group will be consisting of 17 members in total with average age of 17 as well.

“Seventeen” is going to be a group that splits into three separate units who will be promoting in Korea, Japan and China in the same time. As they are targeting the Chinese market as well, they plan to add some Chinese members in the group.

Pledis Entertainment stated that they have been preparing and training for the team to promote in Japan, China and Korea since a long time ago. As they will be specially promoting in the three countries, they can be said as an official Hallyu group and they will be spreading the Hallyu wave in the world. Pledis Entertainment is planning to debut the group in the end of year with an unique music and stage concepts.

With the existence of the group, they would like to make a new genre called “Asian Pop” that will be based on the sounds of Korean Pop mixed with a taste of Chinese and Japanese music.

Source: pledisent twitter

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