SNSD’s Yuri gains popularity among ajummas

SNSD’s Yuri gains popularity among ajummas

SNSD’s Yuri recently talked about the difference she felt after shooting a TV series.

Yuri gained more popularity among ajummas (a term meaning mothers or married women) after appearing on SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Fashion King, which recently went off the air.

Yuri said, “I appeared on a TV series for the first time and it was very difficult. It was hard for me to perform in the series but I also had fun while shooting.”

She added, “After appearing on the series, many married men and women recognized me more than before. They know that I appeared on the series when they see me on streets and at restaurants. I realized how powerful the series is.”

She also talked about her future plan. “I want to keep performing in the TV dramas in the future. I want to keep challenging myself as an actress.”

Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Seohyun recently shot a pictorial for the magazine @Star1.

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