[Ulala Session] Will Be Adding New Member

[Ulala Session] Will Be Adding New Member

Ulala Session will be adding one more member, making them a five membered group. The new member is called Gunjo. As their representative said, Gunjo was on the original lineup for Ulala Session and he has been a good friend for 15 years with their leader, Yuntaek.

Although Gunjo wasn’t able to participate in Superstar K3 as Ulala Session member because of some reasons, but don’t doubt his talent as he once won a competition in Germany and he was the representative of Korea at B-Boy Championships in London, England.

Gunjo said that despite the fact that he wasn’t able to participate in Superstar K3, he has always been helping Ulala Session like the shadow and he wishes to share the stress and burden that Yuntaek went through. He also expressed that he aimed to move people’s hearts from the inside with their music and not just impressed them.

Source: Nate

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