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Korean Actress Lee Da-hae Admits to Plastic Surgery

Korean Actress Lee Da-hae Admits to Plastic Surgery.

11 years after her debut, Korean actress Lee Da-hae finally admitted on a variety program that she has gone under the knife before she joined the industry.

When further pressed on the details by the host, she laughed, “Do I not look like I’ve done something to my features before? That’s great.”

However, she clarified that only “minor alterations” were made and that she used to go on a “crazy diet” in order to lose weight.

Following Da-hae’s revelation, a series of photos showing the actress during her school days started circulating online. Netizens pointed out that the 29-year-old’s previous single eye-lids, low nose bridge and round face shape have clearly been aesthetically enhanced.

Although some detractors showed their disapproval by saying that Da-hae “looked more memorable in the past”, many fans have complimented on her well-defined features after the surgery.

Venturing into showbiz after winning the MBC Chun Hyang Pageant in 2001, Da-hae rose to fame in 2005 after starring in hit drama series My Girl.

Source: Xinmsn

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T-ara N4 performs for the first time on M Countdown

T-ara N4 performs for the first time on M Countdown.


On May 2 at 6:00 p.m., M Countdown has held at the CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, and T-ara N4 revealed its first song, “Countryside,” on the program. Previously, the group had not performed the new song for an audience. It was played only on radio.


Actors Kim Soo Mi and Choi Bul Am of the TV zeries Countryside Life  introduced the song, and the members of T-ara N4 did a comic skit in which they “weeded a field.”


After the amusing introduction, T-ara N4 gave a charismatic performance in splendid costumes accessorized with gold. The song has witty lyrics and an exciting melody, and the choreography is powerful, featuring the group’s sexy charm.


T-ara N4 released the new song and a music video of it on the afternoon of April 29. The song, composed by Double Kicks, is an electronic hip-hop dance song combined with Korean music.


Other singers who appeared on the program are Shinee, Roy Kim, 4minute, Secret, Seo In Guk, Dickpunks, and Hong Dae Kwang.

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Kim Hyung Jun expresses his concerns at pulic hearing on protection policy

Kim Hyung Jun expresses his concerns at pulic hearing on protection policy.


Public hearing on popular culture and protection policy of artistes were held on 2nd May. SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun attended the hearing and expressed his concerns over the current situations in entertainment industry.

At the hearing, Kim Hyung Jun shared that “I was a trainee since the age of 14, along with my brother, worked in entertainment industry, saw what is happening and made me think. In achieving the dream as a singer, at the time, visited agencies, went for auditions and trusted whatever people said. For people who have the same dream as me, in order to prevent friends from getting hurt, I hope there’s a protection policy”.

In the meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun will be having ‘Who Am I’ concert tour this May in Japan.

Credits : en.korea.com

Ex-SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon makes a promise of what to do for his fans when he ranks first

Ex-SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon makes a promise of what to do for his fans when he ranks first

Ex-SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon recently made a promise of what to do for his fans when he ranks first.

In celebration of his second solo album, titled Escape, Kim held a showcase and a mini-concert at Ax-Korea in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul, on June 29 at 8:00 p.m.

When asked to make a promise of what to do for fans if he ranks first, the singer replied, “I’ll hold a complimentary concert for fans.”

Having released his first solo album, titled My Girl last year, Kim made a debut as an actor by being cast in cable TV KBS DRAMA’s Self Illuminating Her. The singer and actor has been drawing a lot of attention since he is coming back to his original job—a singer—for the first time since a year and four months ago.

In the music video of the title song “Sorry I’m Sorry,” Kang Ji Hwan and Le Gi Woo as well as Kim appear. Produced by director Cha Eun Taek, the music video is said to be a type of a road movie of 25 minutes long.



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[Ulala Session] Will Be Adding New Member

[Ulala Session] Will Be Adding New Member

Ulala Session will be adding one more member, making them a five membered group. The new member is called Gunjo. As their representative said, Gunjo was on the original lineup for Ulala Session and he has been a good friend for 15 years with their leader, Yuntaek.

Although Gunjo wasn’t able to participate in Superstar K3 as Ulala Session member because of some reasons, but don’t doubt his talent as he once won a competition in Germany and he was the representative of Korea at B-Boy Championships in London, England.

Gunjo said that despite the fact that he wasn’t able to participate in Superstar K3, he has always been helping Ulala Session like the shadow and he wishes to share the stress and burden that Yuntaek went through. He also expressed that he aimed to move people’s hearts from the inside with their music and not just impressed them.

Source: Nate

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T-ara rush back to Korea from Japan today

T-ara rush back to Korea from Japan today

T-ara will rush home to Korea after their concert in Japan.

According to T-ara’s agency, T-ara will rush back to Korea through Gimpo Airpotr today at 10:30 AM. This is because T-ara’s scheduled to appear on the live KBS2TV “Music Bank” half-year show.

T-ara had hits in the first half of the year with “Lovey-Dovey” and their duet with Davichi, “We Were In Love”.

Despite the hectic schedules in Japan, T-ara members said, “We’re excited to have our comeback stage in Korea with ‘Day by Day’ since it’s been a long time since we could meet our fans on stage.”

T-ara’s members Soyeon, Eunjnug and Hyomin all have been confirmed for drama roles in “Haeundae Lovers”, “Five Fingers” and “One Thousandth Man” in the second half of the year. After the “Music Bank” half-year show, the girls will go to drama script reading to prepare for the filming of the drama and then leave back to Japan with the other members on the morning of the 30th for concert tour dates.

Yesterday, T-ara released the teaser for their comeback song “Day by Day” and received an explosive reaction online.

On July 3rd, T-ara’s comeback song “Day by Day” will be released and on the 14th, they’ll establish the founding of their fanclub, “QUEEN’S”.

Source: http://news.nate.com…/20120629n05301

Credits: tiaradiadem.com
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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The role of K-Pop Idols in the Korean Culture ~ YG Audition in Berlin (English)

 The role of K-Pop Idols in the Korean Culture ~ YG Audition in Berlin (English)

ears of training. 16 hours a day. A life far away from family and friends. A new home with strangers, sharing not only a dormitory but also hopes and tears. Having to go separate ways because dreams did not come true. Maybe one day the long awaited debut stage. The tight schedule, which does not leave room for sleep. Diet plans. Makeovers. Plastic surgery. Let’s be honest. The path of a K-Pop idol is exhausting and life itself, when you made it, hard.

Every third teenager in Korean dreams of becoming an idol. Of course, the market is booming and K-Pop is one of the most important export goods of South Korea. The Hallyu Wave has also reached Europe over the last few years involving a good amount of money. With each year more and more bands are having their debut, being able to fulfill their dream. The percentage of those who are turning into stars is rather humble.


In a country that had a military government until 25 years ago and has grown to be an impressive industrial nation in the last decades, the matter of course young Koreans are taking this path is a different one. One that teenagers that have been raised westerly will barely be able to comprehend. South Korea’s population knows that their country would not have come so far without the well-functioning system of school and work. Diligence is a highly valued virtue and the respect towards the ones who are working hard can be shown best through more diligence. And like this the country clicks like a clockwork in which one builds on one another.


In a discussion with a student of Korean studies we once exchanged interesting thoughts. Idols are an important component in a smooth cycle in this country. Let’s ignore the fact that they want to boost the economy and take care of the global awareness and therefore help to sell other Korean products on the global market- leaving one thing left: The sight into the country. K-Pop stars existed long before the global market discovered them. End of the 90’s the three biggest entertainments arose – YG, SM and JYP – and short after the first groups made their debut who characterize what we now call K-Pop. They offered distraction to youngsters who have to study until late at night and the ones who have to work more than 12 hours a day and six days a week. Leaving only little time to go out and meet friends. (Of course, Koreans always find them time to meet one another and have fun -and maybe they enjoy the time more than Europeans who do not know what to do with their free time).


Idols are everywhere. They are colorful and cheerful. They entertain the audience at home who are sitting in front of the TV with music- and variety shows. They are smiling from posters and advertise the latest products in commercials. They can be taken home on DVDs, t-shirts and cellphone charms. At fansigns one is able to get a closer look. They offer topics of conversation aside everyday life. Their world is dazzling but- and that is particularly important- can be experienced. They are also working hard and have little free time. They like to eat, listen to music and have their own troubles.


K-Pop idols are open and private like no other international star- without their private family life being in the lime light, ripped apart or dragged through the mud.


They are the hobby that you one can afford when one barely has time. They are the scattering one needs when one is threatened to drown in responsibilities. They are role models that demonstrate that all the sweat and deprivation is worth it. Their role is important. It is responsible. When having a closer look fame and fortune, although very important and possibly the motivation for most has a subordinate role.


So what leads 300 European K-Pop fans in their teens (the age limit for applicants was 19) to Berlin to the YG Audition? K-Colors of Korea talked with a few of them right before they have to enter the room to showcase their singing and dancing abilities. Nicole (18) from Dortmund loves 2NE1, the girl group which is signed under YG. She has been singing and dancing since she was six years old and started because of K-Pop. What she expects from the audition is to face the staff members of YG and also she wants to get a first- hand experience of participating in an audition because there have not been any K-Pop auditions in Europe before. Yen (14) has been listening to K-Pop for three years. She loves Big Bang and 2NE1 and she is currently taking singing classes. She just wants to be part of the whole experience but she does not know if she really wants to be a trainee at an entertainment.


Most of the applicants came out of curiosity. They have never been that close to the Korean music business and they are willing to take this step if this brings them a little closer to their dream of a career in Korea.


Lee Jun Won, a staff member of YG who had been listening and seeing applicants for hours tells us how things will proceed for the applicants after the audition. Those who make it through the pre- selection in Berlin and London will be invited to a second audition in Korea. The ones who will make it will be offered a trainee-contract to sign. After that, not only singing and dancing lessons are waiting for them. The future idols are also going to learn the language and have to adapt to Korean culture. Whether they are able to make it and when it will be possible for them do debut will depend on their performance but also on the question if they will understand what it means to be an idol.


Sometimes when a dream comes true, you ask yourself why you were dreaming it the first place. A dream is light and carefree. In a dream you are never exhausted nor lonely. In a dream you are receiving without having to give. Some of the participants of the YG Audition in Berlin will return to their homes and dream of being successful the next time. A few will advance and some of them will wake up on the airplane heading to their home country and find new dreams. Only a handful is going to stay in Korea and hold on to theirs. Even they are going to wake up because they will understand that hard work is going ahead before one gets to experience the living dream. That there are always to sides to every coin and not only be confronted with fame, the fans and the popularity but also with stress, the missing privacy and the occasional doubts. Only those who do not delude themselves and carry enough passion and unconditionally love what they do will be able to see the door which will reveal a fascinating world. A world filled with beauty and illusion. A world filled with unexpected downs and countless possibilities.

We hope that YG was able to find such a talented and dedicated person in Europe and that we might have come across in Berlin without knowing.


Source: k-colors of korea


© Esther Klung, Translation: Kim Dinh


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JYJ featured in French daily paper

JYJ featured in French daily paper


Boy band JYJ was featured in France’s Le Parisien daily newspaper on Wednesday in an article on the group’s rise to international fame.

The article, titled “K-pop conquers South America,” delved into the appeal of the trio, commenting on its “addictive lyrics and perfectly synchronized dance moves.”

JYJ’s success in South America was highlighted with the mentioning of the band’s recent world tour, which had the group make stops in 15 cities across the globe.

The fact that an Asian group managed to perform for fans in European countries as well as in Chile and Peru was deemed a phenomenal feat by the French paper.

The report also mentioned the group’s official “Membership Week,” which opened yesterday at Setec convention hall in southern Seoul, and saw more than 7,000 Japanese fans visiting Korea for the chance to meet the boy band members. More than 3,500 hotel rooms have been booked for the fan event.

The paper called JYJ a “Hallyu group that knows no bounds.”

By Carla Sunwoo
Source : koreajoongangdaily

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Lee Seung-gi to become cyber safety cop

Lee Seung-gi to become cyber safety cop

Entertainer Lee Seung-gi will take part in the “Beautiful Internet World” campaign, which promotes a harmonious and safe cyberspace by prompting users to be cautious and mindful of their Internet activities and comments.

Lee praised the organization in its effort and said that he supported its cause.
“As a nation that leads the way in IT, wouldn’t it be great if our online realm was a pleasant environment?” Lee said.
In place of negative comments, Lee urged, “let’s leave positive and encouraging comments. Be respectful and understanding and we can change the online environment.”

Beautiful Internet World” is a campaign orchestrated by Joy News 24 and the Korea Internet & Security Agency.

By Carla Sunwoo [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]

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Sistar represents K-pop as honorary ambassadors for K-pop Cover Dance Festival

Sistar represents K-pop as honorary ambassadors for K-pop Cover Dance Festival

Sistar will represent K-pop.

Sistar will become honorary ambassadors for the 2012 K-pop Cover Dance Festival, which will be held in celebration of Korea Visit Year, at the Press Center on June 25.

This year is the second year for the festival, and the festival is receiving an enthusiastic response from K-pop fans from all over the world. Over 700 teams from about 50 countries have already applied for the festival. Many fans of Sistar from North America, Oceania, and Africa are currently uploading Sistar’s cover dance videos.

Sistar say, “We’re so happy and proud to represent K-pop after KARA. To thank the K-pop fans, we’ll do our best to promote the festival.”

The teams that passed the preliminary round on the festival’s official website (http://www.coverdance.org) will compete offline in the semifinal in each country. The winning teams will be invited to Korea and go to the final at the end of September.

The semifinal will be held in Nigeria on June 23 and in Hungary, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, India, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Japan, and Korea in order. Sistar will visit the country that has the largest number of contestants as honorary ambassadors and judges.

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