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2PM’s Wooyoung and Junsu’s brotherly love ^^

2PM’s Wooyoung and Junsu’s brotherly love ^^

Jang Wooyoung, member of 2PM, and sometimes confuses us of being the maknae of the group due to his cuteness and aegyos, updated fans via his me2day and attached a photo of him with his fellow member, Junsu and a slight glimpse of Taecyeon. XD

Wooyoung is seen handling his phone to snap the said photo and Junsu giving a thumbs up with a cute smile. You can also see Taecyeon at the back. Just take a deep look and you’ll see him munching his food. ^^

Fans commented saying, “All the best for your new album;)”, “JWY fighting too~!^^You really need members’ love~Hope u feel wonderful everyday~Let’s have a brand new start!!(^O^)”, ”Taecyeon oppa at the back.. Keke.”, “Although the spotlight is on Wooyoung and Junsu. But can’t help to notice Taecyeon at the back. Haha!” and more.

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2AM members support Jo Kwon with flash cards

2AM members support Jo Kwon with flash cards

Idol group 2AM recently showed off their perfect teamwork.

On June 29, Jo Kwon tweeted a picture with the comment, “Seul Ong is gone to read his script for the movie26 Years and I’m with Jin Woon and Chang Min.”

In the picture, Jo, who recently released his solo album, is standing with Jin Woon and Chang Min and holding flash cards saying “I’m Da One.”

People who saw the picture responded: “They are very good at teamwork.” “2AM is the best idol group.” “It would have been better if there was Seul Ong too.” “They are nice and talented.” “Jo must feel reliable.”

Jo recently released his solo album, which includes 10 variety songs.



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A photo of T-ara with three different colored hairdo draws a lot of attention

A photo of T-ara with three different colored hairdo draws a lot of attention

A photo of T-ara with three different colored hairdo recently drew a lot of attention.

On June 26, T-ara’s Hyomin tweeted the photo with the caption, “Haha.”

In the photo, three T-ara members—Eunjung, Qri, and Hyomin sit in chairs.

Each of the cuties are seen with dyed hair with blue, green, and pink, which is eye-catching.

Netizens responded: “Blue hair stands out.” “They look like a traffic light.” “I like the colors.”

T-ara is to hold its first solo concert at Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul, on August 11.



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NU’EST take off the masks for comeback teaser photo

NU’EST take off the masks for comeback teaser photo

It’s been hinted slowly by the members that NU’EST would be making a return to the music scene soon after debuting in March with FACE and Pledis Entertainment has now revealed the first comeback teaser photo of the group.

Each member is holding masks in his hand as if he were a phantom, and unmasking himself. The entire background is covered in shadows with a lone light shining onto the members. It is an intriguing teaser as their new song is said to be similar to FACE but with a summer feel.

Pledis tweeted, “NU’EST released a comeback teaser image! Song will be released in mid-July! Please expect and show much interest ^ ^”

Source: NU’EST’s Official Twitter

Credits: korea.com

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Super Junior, TVXQ, f(x), Girls’ Generation and 2AM’s Jinwoon gather to celebrate Seohyun’s birthday

Super Junior, TVXQ, f(x), Girls’ Generation and 2AM’s Jinwoon gather to celebrate Seohyun‘s birthday

Recently, various SMTOWN artists have gathered for a party dinner to celebrate Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s birthday on June 26th.

What is most eye catching is the presence of Super Junior’s Heechul, who is currently on hiatus from the music industry as he is in the middle of his military services, having entered last year.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk posted on his Twitter, “Last night…”Kakao Talk!!” Seohyun ‘Oppa, what are you doing tomorrow night?’ Me ‘What’s up~’ Seohyun ‘I’m inviting my friends for a birthday party!!^^’ Me ‘But why me…’ I came tonight to congratulate her. Contrary to my expectations, I was the first one there.”

He continues, “We were drinking juice…the awkwardness is suffocating.”

“After 30 minutes, Kyuhyun arrived! It was still odd, but we tried to lighten up the mood.”

“Heenim and Sooyoung have arrived!! This is better. But where are Seohyun’s friends…”

“An hour after the designated meet time, Seohyun’s real friends Amber (f(x)) and Jinwoon (2AM) has arrived! Seohyun-ah, is it meeting up to your expectations?”

Posted Image

Yoona and Sunny came with a cake!!!! Eventually, it was Suju & Soshi & JYP’s Jinwoon ku ku ku then I left. I heard behind me that Leeteuk and Changmin arrived. Happy birthday Seohyun-ah ^^”

Leeteuk also updated his Twitter account, posting a group photo sans-Eunhyuk, and said, “Angel princess Seohyun-ah!! Happy birthday!! You suddenly invited me to a party yesterday~ ^^ I was surprised ku ku Even though it was short, we haven’t done this in awhile~ Eunhyuk was the first one to come and leave~ Anyways, happy birthday!!”



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Park Han Byul releases a photo of herself, which she put an hour of her effort

Park Han Byul releases a photo of herself, which she put an hour of her effort

Park Han Byul recently released a photo of herself, which she put an hour of her effort.

On June 20, Park tweeted a photo of herself with the caption, “The weather is really lousy, and it makes me feel gloomy, I’ve been doing a decorating a photo with a smartphone application for an hour. What should I do now? Bloody bored.”

In the photo, Park accentuates her feminine beauty in a long dress with strips on the shoulder. She looks as if she enjoys a holiday at a beach, which makes people refreshed. The background of the photo was filled with so many hearts symbols so that we can see that she put hours of her effort on it.

Netizens responded: “Park has a marvelous body.” Se7en must have saved a country in his previous life. He’s such a lucky guy to have that pretty girlfriend.” “Park must have been bloody boring.” “Is this an hours of work?”

Park is to release her new movie Two Moons on July 12, which is directed by Kim Dong Bin and produced by Ghost Pirctures.


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Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu is a bad boy?

Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu is a bad boy?

Rap duo Mighty Mouth just released their comeback single “Bad Boy” featuring solo singer Soya. During their showcase last May 10th at Club Holic, reporters asked Soya who she thinks is the bad boy between Shorry J and Sangchu. Soya then said “Like what you see in our music video, Sangchu oppa is the bad boy” cracking up the crowd.

The star-studded showcase was attended by some of Sangchu and Shorry J’s personal celebrity friends. Kim Taewoo, Ricky Kim, model Marco, Miss Korea Sora Cho, Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, K-Will, Baechigi, Eru and many more. Some celebrities also signified their supports through Twitter even before the official comeback.

Sangchu expressed his gratitude and wishes that they get the no.1 spot this time. He mentioned that they are always in the second place. The first time they released a single, Jewelry’s One More Time hit the first spot. Then the second time it was Wondergirls. Then for the third time they thought they would be able to secure the top spot but Big Bang suddenly had their comeback.

  • Source: Korea.com
  • Credits: en.korea.com
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Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s essay book is coming soon, titled ‘Closer’

Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s essay book is coming soon, titled ‘Closer’

Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s essay book is coming.

On May 24, Lee will release a book, titled Closer: The Story Starting with Hyo Ri and Soon Shim.

The book has Lee’s essays about Lee’s daily life with her companion dog Soon Shim and four companion dogs along with her histories to be actively involved in a campaign for animal rights up until now.

Lee tells her candid thoughts on companions she has met during her life from the past when she was the youngest daughter of a barber to her success as a super star. The K-pop diva also talks about the changes she went through—to become a leader for a campaign for animal rights and to become a vegetarian. The socialtainer gives a speech on a better life for everyone.

Lee also brings up issues, including factory farming of animals, ill conditions of houses for abandoned dogs, boycotts to animal fur coats and others and she gives the contemporaries the topics to think about. The book includes photos taken by Lee Hyo Ri herself and photographer Kim Tae Eun, known as an animal lover.

“I’m heading for a new path. Some say, ‘Life is harsh even for human beings. How come we’re supposed to take care of animals when there are people starving out there.’ However, I think animals are weaker than human beings. They can’t take care of themselves if we don’t take care of them. That’s why they need someone to represent them, and that’s what made me involved.”

The book will be out on May 24.

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Sexy and charismatic G.NA returns on May 22

Sexy and charismatic G.NA returns on May 22

G.NA will be back performing with her 3rd mini album.

G.NA released a teaser photo for the title song “2HOT” from her 3rd album on May 15 through her official website and social networks.

A refined black and white photo captured the public’s attention by featuring G.NA’s beautiful appearance.

G.NA looks mysterious and elegant while staring back at the camera. The photo made people curious about her performance for “2HOT.”

The teaser photo features sexy G.NA and the red letters saying “2HOT.” The black and white picture made the letters look bold.

G.NA showed off her explosive vocal talent and mature charms through the song. She debuted in 2010 releasing the song “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better.” Then she ranked high with the songs, “Black and White” and “Top Girl.”

She also earned the nickname ‘Sexy Diva’ by showing off her vocal skills. She is keeping a strong stance as a female solo.

Since she announced that she will return to performing with her new song “2HOT,” many people are paying attention to her new album.

G.NA will release the 3rd mini album Bloom on May 22.


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Yoo Ah-in donates rice to noodle shop

Yoo Ah-in donates rice to noodle shop

Actor Yoo Ah-in has donated an enormous amount of rice – 2,140 tons, to be exact – to a charitable noodle shop in Hwasu-dong, Incheon.

According to a representative from the drama “Fashion King” in which Yoo stars, the star requested that the rice sent by fans to celebrate the program’s launch be donated to the restaurant on Friday.

The restaurant is well known for its good works in feeding more than 200 customers a day free of charge. The customers are mostly homeless people or elderly citizens who are living on their own.

The owner of the restaurant used his Twitter account on Saturday to say, “Now my customers can eat to their hearts’ content.”

The donation should feed the restaurant’s regulars for at least two months.

The bags of rice were presented to the stars of the current hit drama back in March during a press conference at Gimpo International Airport. In the show, Yoo plays Young-geol, who moves to the U.S. to try and break into the fashion industry.

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