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4minute releases “India version” of “Volume Up”?

4minute releases “India version” of “Volume Up”?

Will 4minute begin their advancement into India under the direction of comedian Yoo Sae Yoon?

On the episode of ‘Yoo Sae Yoon’s Art Video‘ broadcast on June 19th, the comedian made the decision to produce a music video to try for 4minute’s advancement into India for his third project on the show.

Choosing Bollywood as his theme for the music video, Yoo Sae Yoon also promised an affectionate scene between the 4minute members and a hot male actor.

However, contrary to the girls’ expectations of the steamy scene with a hot male actor, Yoo Sae Yoon instructed the girls to follow “Yogi Daniel”s various Yoga positions. He also encouraged them to eat the nearby grass to improve flexibility.

To his request, Jiyoon hilariously complained, “Director, this is your first time shooting a music video isn’t it? How can you tell a girl group to do such things?”

After much hardwork, the India version of the music video of the girls’ hit song “Volume Up” was completed, and the final video had viewers laughing at the comedian’s hilarious attempt.

Check it out below! (Remember, this is not an official video nor has 4minute announced any plans of advancing into India)


Credits: Allkpop.com

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Boy Group Touch releases the teaser for the new song “Let’s Walk Together”

Boy Group Touch releases the teaser for the new song “Let’s Walk Together”

Boy Group Touch recently released the teaser for the new song “Let’s Walk Together” on major music sites.

The 20-second long teaser features Kim So Hyun, who played the role of young Yoon Bo Kyung in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and it is boosting great curiosity about the full version.

Netizens responded: “Kim So Hyun looks adorable.” “I can’t wait to see the music video in full version.” “Hope they hit it big.” “Looking forward to hearing the new song.”

The group recently introduced new members—vocalist Chulmin and rapper Kanghyun—and is now ready to come out with the new song “Let’s Walk Together” on May 2.

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NS Yoon-G releases new mini-album, ‘Neo Spirit’

NS Yoon-G releases new mini-album, ‘Neo Spirit’

Solo singer NS Yoonji is back with another release. the solo singer released her first mini album with the name of “NEO SPIRIT” earlier today. It consists of five brand new songs, and also includes the instrumental of its title track “The Reason I Became A Witch”.

Next to “The Reason I Became A Witch”, the mini album also consists of an anticipated track featuring rapper Verbal Jint, “How Could You Know”, “Talk Talk Talk”, “Shower” and “I Want to See Him Again”.

Apart from her new mini album release, NS Yoonji also took up a different spelling for her name, changing the last “Ji” to a “G”.

What do you think of NS Yoonji’s new release?

01. “What Do You Know” (feat. Verbal Jint)


02. “The Reason I Became a Witch” *Title track*

03. “Shower” (feat. Two Sidekicks)

04. “Talk Talk Talk”

05. “Want To See You Again” (feat. Sangchu)


06. “The Reason I Became a Witch” (Instrumental)

NS Yoon-G (NS윤지) – 마녀가 된 이유 [MV HD ENG SUB]


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Source: AsianDream2018

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Glory Jane closes. Park Min Young says, “I’ll be back after hibernating”

Glory Jane closes. Park Min Young says, “I’ll be back after hibernating”

Actress Park Min Young shares her feelings as TV series Glory Jane closes.

KBS 2’s drama series Glory Jane in which Park played the positive female leading character, Yoon Jae In, aired its last episode on December 28.

Glory Jane ended as the center of all evil, Seo Jae Myung (played by Son Chang Min), dies while Kim Young Kwang (played by Chun Jung Myung) makes a comeback as a baseball player, dreaming to be successful in baseball league. Seo In Woo (played by Lee Jang Woo) enters a strategic planning office of the Great company after being assigned to be the acting owner of the Great Dragons. Finally, Yoon Jae In goes back to the hospital to achieve her dream to become a warm-hearted nurse.

On December 30, Park said through her agency, “I poured much effort on my appearance to play Jae In. I still remember the scene in which Jae In changes as she learns her real identity as a successor of a big company and stands in public in a beautiful dress.

The biggest thing I earned from this series is that I shot it in an atmosphere of a family with other elder and more experienced actors. Particularly, the grandma Jung Hye Sun, the mother Choi Myung Gil, and Mr. Son Chang Min treated me like family and it was such a great opportunity to learn from their skilled acting.

I’m happy that all the shooting went well without anyone being hurt. I felt so rewarded for the hard work with all staff including the director, scriptwriter, and other actors.

Also, I can vividly feel that things are ending because the end of the year is coming along with the series. Thank you all so much for supporting Glory Jane. As hard as I ran this year, including the role of Jae In, I’ll be back in a different look next year after recharging myself with hibernation. Wait for me to be back!”

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T-ara’s Ji Yeon is selected as the most beautiful idol

T-ara’s Ji Yeon is selected as the most beautiful idol.

T-ara’s Ji Yeon recently expressed her feelings about being selected as the most beautiful idol.

The December 31 episode of MBC Every1′s Week Idol will air several idol stars who made the show more enjoyable in 2011.

Ji Yeon appeared on the show and talked about her feelings when she was previously chosen for the most beautiful idol in real life.

She said, “There are many idol stars who are prettier than me and I’m shy to receive the award.”

Besides Ji Yeon, many idol groups, including, Infinite, B2ST, Yoon Doo Jun, Hyun Ah, and Kwang Hee will appear on the show.

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Yoon Mirae and Leessang to have their first joint stage of “Turned Off The TV”

Yoon Mirae and Leessang to have their first joint stage of “Turned Off The TV”

Yoon Mirae (Tasha) and Leessang (Gil, Gary) will have their first joint stage for the hit song “Turned Off The TV” at the upcoming Leessang encore solo concert titled “Leessang Theater Encore-Standing Episode.”

In August, Leessang released the first digital single off their 7th studio album “Asura Balbalta” titled “Turned Off The TV,” which featured Yoon Mirae and Kwon Jungyeol of 10cm. The single went on to reach #1 on various digital charts for 25 days and successfully achieved an all-kill status. Since the release of the single, Yoon Mirae and Leessang has never taken the same stage to perform the track until now.

In addition to Yoon Mirae’s appearance at the concert, the nation’s MC Yoo Jaesuk, Jung Hyungdon, Noh Hongchul, Haha, Park Myungsoo, and Simon D will be participating guests at the encore concert.

With their contacts with some of South Korea‘s top stars due to their participation in the variety shows “Infinity Challange” (Gil) and “Running Man” (Gary), fans’ expectation of the encore concert has grown.

Leessang still has another surprise for fans during the concert, in which they will reveal the music video to their track “Gyeoksantawoo (격산타우)” featuring Guckkasten from their recently released 7th studio album.

On December 30th and 31st, Leessang will hold “Leessand Theatre Encore-Standing Episode” at Yongsan-gu, Seoul at the Blue Square, Samsung Card Hall.

Source: Newsen

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[News] IU, first idol to appear on MBC FM SON SUK HEE’S Spotlight

[News] IU, first idol to appear on MBC FM SON SUK HEE’S Spotlight.

IU appeared as a guest on MBC FM “Son Suk Hee’s Spotlight”‘s “Saturday encounter” corner of the show, which will be broadcast on Dec 24th at 7 AM KST (News article says 7.15 AM, but LOEN says 7 AM).
Following the recent release of the 2nd album, ‘Last Fantasy’, IU has been busy with promotional activities but she will be the first idol to go on a mainstream radio current events program.
The production crew for “Son Suk Hee’s Spotlight” expressed, “For the past year, we have mainly covered heavy and solid issues, but it seems today’s atmosphere was bright and comfortable” and “in particular, we invited IU with the intention to prepare a pre-Christmas gift for our listeners who have been exhausted from their various occupations in the past year.”
The host of the show, Prof Son Suk Hee also said, “I’m no longer an uncle fan, but almost an eldest uncle fan,” as he welcomed IU.
Previously, “Son Suk Hee’s Spotlight”‘s “Saturday encounter” has invited senior actor Shin Young Gyun, Yoon Jeong Hee, veteran actor Kim Hye Su, comedian Gu Bong Seo, Singer Park Jung Hyun and other various prominent social figures onto the show to share their life stories.
Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Mydaily
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CubeEntertainment announces 2nd unit group

CubeEntertainment announces 2nd unit group.

Following the debut of Cube Entertainment‘s first unit group,

\Trouble Maker, the second unit group has been chosen to be

4 Minute‘s Ga Yoon and J IYoon! 

The representative stated, Gayoon and Jiyoon’s vocal

styles are completely the opposite of each other, but when

combined, creates a beautiful effect. We’re currently

considering them as a ballad duo. There isn’t a name

for their unit yet but our company has taken to calling

them the ‘Double Yoon’.”

Sources: Tumblr

Credits: korea.com

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[News] SNSD’s Sooyoung Believes She’s Too Scrawny

[News] SNSD’s Sooyoung Believes She’s Too Scrawny.

SNSD’s SooyoungYuriTaeyeon, and Seohyun guested on last night’s episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” along with legendary singer Kim Gun Mo and famed songwriter Yoon Il Sang. During the three-second-question corner on the variety show, Sooyoung was asked to answer O or X to “I have a God-given [a.k.a. to-die-for] figure.” She answered X, which led host Shin Bong Sun to ask her what Sooyoung thought her flaws were.

Sooyoung replied, “I’m too skinny,” to which Park Mi Sun and Shin Bong Sun declared “ludicrous.” Then Sooyoung revealed her ways to hide her “scrawny” figure. To appear more slender, she said, “When I pose, I avoid straight legs. I twist my hips to the side with my legs slightly spread out.”

During the episode, Sooyoung also revealed her ideal type, stating she would like to date someone who doesn’t work in the same industry.


Source: korea.com

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